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Training Regimen: The Woodsman

This basic training routine will help prepare you for wilderness life, as well as almost many other survival scenario, so that your adjustment period is more of a gentle slope than a sudden climb. I wish I could take credit for the woodsman, but really it’s just a combination of time tested classic exercise techniques … Continue reading »

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The SWK : The Basic Survival Kit

The Survive Whatever Survival Kit is an exercise, not a practical device. The objective of the exercise is to evaluate gear for the purpose of pure survival. It’s also a game. Here’s how you play. Build a survival kit that obeys the following rules: 1. Can be carried or worn with ease, without great impediment, … Continue reading »

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How to: Basic Firecraft

Associated Guides (coming soon):  Tool-Making, Rope-Making, Knife Use, Campsite Chemistry, Make and handle White Phosphorus, Urban Firecraft,  Make and Use Thermite, Make a Fire Piston. There are, thankfully, a number of different ways to start a fire in the wilderness.  Fire is the most useful shit in the world, the ability to make and control fire … Continue reading »

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Scenario: Wilderness

I’m using this first scenario, wilderness, as an example to clarify the function of all scenarios. Type of scenario: limited Description- a temperate forest, relatively untouched by civilization, at least 100 square miles, varied terrain and elevation. There are no man made structure or goods anywhere within the scenario. During the span of the scenario … Continue reading »

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