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Training Regimen: The Freerunner

Designed to assist in urban survival scenarios; the freerunner is based on overcoming common obstacles to evade pursuers and claim high ground vantage or access points.  In an urban survival scenario, both visibility and invisibility are the difference between life and death. The freerunner is based on exercises performed by traceurs and track athletes. These … Continue reading »

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Urban SWK: The Basics

This Survive Whatever kit is comprised of 5 items you may find useful in a post-apocalyptic urban survival scenario.  Like other SWK’s it’s not intended to be the definitive survival kit; just an exercise. The container we’ve chosen is: The BulletBlocker Explorer Backpack, a bit pricey, at around $300, but relatively inexpensive compared to body … Continue reading »

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Scrapyard Scavenging 01: How to siphon gasoline

The battered task light that illuminates the rust-stained walls of your underground crash-pad starts to dim, and the coils of your electric hot-plate fade from bright red to a dull gray, the rank water on the stove is yet unboiled.  You know what it means… your little honda eu2000i generator is almost empty.  Getting up … Continue reading »

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Scenario: Urban Wasteland

You’ve seen it in movies like the Road Warrior trilogy and the Book of Eli, you’ve interacted with it in video games like the Fallout Series and Bioshock, you’ve read about it in books by William Gibson and Cormack McCarthy, not to mention tv shows like Jericho, comic books like Y: The Last man, and … Continue reading »

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