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Campsite Crafting 05: The Bloomery

Alright, this was super ambitious; there are a number of simpler furnaces, ovens, and kilns we could be making before we reach this point; but I say fuck it, go for the gold.  Let’s skip ahead. We are going to attempt to build our own blast furnace for smelting ore.  This is important. Smelting metal … Continue reading »

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Campsite Crafting 03: Pottery

Requirements: Fire, Axe, Shovel, Pick Materials: Wood, Clay We’re flying through the stone age now, bitches.  Pottery is one of the first techs you discover in the game civilization, and it allows you to build a granary and speed up your population growth.  For us, Pottery means the same thing, we’ll be able to store … Continue reading »

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Campsite Crafting 02: Primitive Tools

Requirements:  Fire, Knife, Rope Materials: Wood, Stone “Instead of trying to cover the whole world with leather, put on some sandals.” –Shantideva Now that you know how to light a fire and make rope, you’re almost a technological wizard. Pretty soon you’ll be building laser guns and electric ninja openers. These early steps on the … Continue reading »

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Campsite Crafting 01 : How to Make Rope

The objective of the campsite crafting series is to create a functional understanding of fabrication, beginning with the most primitive of tools and culminating in complex finished goods, such as matches, firearm ammunition, and seaworthy boats.  It’s a long road, and we might not make it there together before the doomsday clock ticks its last … Continue reading »

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