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You can probably tell that it doesn’t take much to keep this site up and running; and other than some some potential future contributions from other writers, I do all the writing and research here in my spare time.  I’m not going to ask for donations or anything, as this is mostly a labor of love, but I’d appreciate the help offsetting the hosting costs.   In order to facilitate this in the least intrusive way possible, I ask that if you plan to buy anything off of amazon.com you do so by using this site as a gateway.  Just clear your cache, and click through one of my contextual links or this banner, and go on to buy whatever you were already planning on buying from amazon.  I get a pittance of the purchase which I can use to pay my monthly hosting and annual domain renewal fees.

I’m not asking you to buy anything from me, or anything specific, but if you were going to use amazon anyway, please use my link as a gateway.



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  1. Trevor X

    “We most often go astray on a well trodden and much frequented road.”

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