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Survive This

Each topic is an isolated scenario which you will be prepared for by visiting this site, compiling the correct survival kit,  learning the instructions in the how-to guides, and preparing yourself appropriately with training regiments.

Survival Kits:
A survival kit consists of a container, a basic first aid pack, a mylar emergency blanket, and five unique items.  The five unique items are intended to be the best 5 items one could carry with them in order to survive the widest variety of obstacles in any given scenario.

How To Guides:
These are detailed instructions on how to perform certain actions that will be of value to a given scenario.  These may be frequently accompanied by crude illustrations or relevant pictures and videos stolen from the internet.

Training Regiment:
This might consist of a singe simple exercise, or a complex series of routines to be repeated until the intended level of readiness is achieved.

User Contributions:
All survival kits, how to guides, and training regiments are almost entirely bullshit that i’ve made up purely for entertainment purposes; the comments section is there for you to help improve, clarify, and add fact where I may have just scrawled some meaningless shit.

Contextual Links:
contextual links to external sites are typically for example purposes only, not endorsements of specific products, vendors, websites, or manufacturers, unless specifically cited as such.

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