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Scrapyard Scavenging 02: Improvised Incendiaries and Smoke Screens

Posted by on 2011/04/10

I may or may not move this further down the line and replace with something less practical…

Subjects to cover:

Fuse – We’re probably going to need a lot.

Molotov Cocktail – The ultimate party beverage, we’ll learn how to make one the right way

Thermite – Goes through wood faster than termite, the perfect accelerant when you absolutely need to weld in a hurry.

Smoke bombs (traditional) – My second favorite use for baking soda!

Smoke bomb (Colorful) – Because nothing says ‘I’m over here’ like a giant cloud of purple smoke.

Black Powder – A simple recipe for a reliable explosive

Don’t worry, I’ll be back to fill this stuff in just as soon as I catch up on the other 4 half finished posts.

One Response to Scrapyard Scavenging 02: Improvised Incendiaries and Smoke Screens

  1. Eric Kuff

    When are you going to update this section?

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