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Scenario: Urban Wasteland

Posted by on 2011/04/07

You’ve seen it in movies like the Road Warrior trilogy and the Book of Eli, you’ve interacted with it in video games like the Fallout Series and Bioshock, you’ve read about it in books by William Gibson and Cormack McCarthy, not to mention tv shows like Jericho, comic books like Y: The Last man, and dreams like the one where you find yourself completely alone in the city, wearing your mothers old bathrobe and slippers for some reason.  It’s the future that we all started imagining once we realized the Jetsons was bullshit.

Well, this scenario assumes that apocalypse week has come and gone, and civilization has collapsed.  You have 12 months to survive in a hostile ubran landscape before the Kevin Costner gets things back on track.

Here’s the background:

It happened suddenly, over just a few months, it started with an oil crisis.  We grossly overestimated our reserves, so when a leaked government document spelled out a dire warning, demand skyrocketed and prices were astronomical, this led to a failure of the global food network, in fact, almost all global trade seized up.  Facing widespread civil dissent, the military superpowers became agressive in their contest to secure known sources.  The oil wars decimated asia and the middle east.  Meanwhile food shortages, sudden economic failure, and out of control inflation drove civilians into riotous frenzies of looting and revolt.  It wasn’t long before the corporations toppled, and not long after that, the governments.    Without access to food, power, clean water, medicine, or security; people died by  the millions.    The population of the world, in less than a year, dropped by 33%, and was falling fast.

You were safe, part of a community of survivors living in a warehouse stocked with food and water, unfortunately a hostile gang discovered your hideout and you were forced to scatter into the Urban wasteland.

You get to take your Urban SWK with you, and you have to survive in the hostile cityscape for 12 months while waiting for civilization to reassert itself over the chaos.

1. All the best loot has been looted.  Weapons and Ammunition are scarce. Bottled water is rare.  Petroleum based fuels are the most in demand resource.
2. Other survivors are isolationists, distrustful, and paranoid.  You can’t count on help, it’s every human for themselves. People rarely meet, and when they do it’s either to trade or rob.
3. Outside of the city’s suburbs hostile gangs, military groups, and packs of violent cannibals attack survivors on sight, to loot, subvert, or eat them.
4. Your city is a major coastal metropolis, surrounded by suburbs, then dangerous wasteland.

Your objective, simply, is to survive.    Comments are open, let’s see your SWKs.


3 Responses to Scenario: Urban Wasteland

  1. Taylor Hay

    I will press through the streets and make shelter in a secluded, hopefully underground area. (your mention of the 711 storage cellar sounds perfect) There I will set up a work area with a scavenged soldering station and some tools. I will build a door or gate, and ensure defense/camoflage. I would set to building/retrofitting a radio (Im a people person… the idea of being alone is to much for me) I would build weapons, scavenge and scavenge some more. Finding a generator would be a high priority, but a few scavenged car batteries and an alternator from a car attached to a bike would suffice for electricity – and probably be better as I could stock up on gas and use it for trading.
    I would try to stay as mobile as possible, and easily pack up and move to a better place (until I find a REALLY good spot) If I found people I could trust, I would start a commune, and begin farming food if I had the space. The LA metro system would be a good place to set up, assuming it isnt already over run with cannibals.
    I would build a water filtration system (many layers, such as a cloth to filter big particles, a charcoal filter, and then UV steriliztion. and keep a cytern on top full of water. and one below full of clean water.
    I would use either electric lights (LEDs pulled from electronics because of their low draw) or oil lamps (using fry oil from fast food joints) for lighting.
    I would probably set up an intranet using wifi routers to attract people who are still trying to use their wifi devices, and have a landing page that they can use to get in touch with me.
    internet over radio could be set up, and communication over longer distances could be achieved with neighboring survivors.
    I would take to urban hunting and trapping, dogs, rabbits, rats, whatever could be found in the burbs would work nicely.

  2. chance

    Wow, that comment has got me thinking about a lot of skills we’ll need to familiarize ourselves with; particularly farming and the bit about setting up a network.

  3. JoKer

    What the fuck is this blog? I’m laughing my ass off, but I’m also scared.

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