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Attention Preppers – I need your stories

Posted by on 2012/11/12

A friend of mine reached out to me and asked for some help getting a television show green-lit.  Essentially the most elite survivalist teachers in the world will be taking on, case by case, the problems of individual preppers of all skill levels, and helping to perfect preparedness.

Right now what we need is 2-4 couples/families willing to participate in the pre-production process, to share their stories and receive training in different areas of survival.

For now, just reach out to me at Survivewhatever@gmail.com



2 Responses to Attention Preppers – I need your stories

  1. Rob

    With all due respect, nobody sane is going to do this. Any “reality” show is designed to make every participant look like either a villain, a loon or a loser. They’ll carefully screen to find the most “interesting” people to go on this show, and then deceptively edit footage to put people in the worst possible light. It’s not about improving preparedness skills, but about displaying gormless freaks for viewers to feel superior to. I wish good luck to your friend, but he’s do better to think of a way to humiliate and over-stress losers in survival situations; that would have some chance of a network being interested. Let people who care about preparedness continue to frequent good blogs like Survive Whatever, and let the mass media pander to the prejudices of the masses.

    If he really wants a good pilot, here’s one for free: parachute porn stars into simulated disasters equipped only with handbooks and pamphlets on survival.

    • chance

      Hey Rob,

      Speaking for my friend, the scenario you are describing is exactly the opposite of what he’s trying to do. The ‘humiliate the preppers’ shows already exist. He’s looking to do something more along the lines of an ‘extreme makeover – survival edition’ type show, pretty much survival porn for an 18-44 male demographic.

      Meanwhile the Porn Star/Simulated disaster idea sounds pretty great. Just off the top of my head, if we swap out porn stars for models (Standards and practices and their damned morality clauses) and change simulated disasters to wilderness scenarios (far less up front cost) I think there really is a show there. Which is kind of sad, considering you were being facetious, but I’d probably watch it.

      Chance +1

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