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It’s a dark night.

Posted by on 2012/11/04

There’s a subtle change that will take place at the beginning of the end: It’ll stop being anything but.

A lot of us like to imagine a scenario in which a better version of ourself will come into being, brilliant and perfect. The pressure of inevitability will condense our character into diamond, and the imperfections will be chiseled away. The erosion of our spirit has some how not diminished us, but merely sculpted us. The cracks and fractures of stress will be smoothed over by uncomplicated hardship. I’ll be honest, it’s unlikely.

We are the person we wake up as every morning, whether it was yesterday or tomorrow.  The things you do will be different, but it will still be the same you waking up; only another few hours older.  You will have seen no fewer television programs than you did yesterday, though you may not have seen one in a while.  You will still have the same exes, the same  memories, the same scars, maybe more.

Now is the time to heal, the time to improve, the time to stockpile happiness, the time to take good risks, because it’s a dark night ahead, and if it never falls, you’re only better off with each passing day. Right now you have the luxury to choose who you’re becoming, the entire world is full of your potential future. That will not always be an option. Be the person you want to be now, so that if the time comes that you have to be that person, you already are.

What good is having all the time in the world if you’re not going to use it?


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