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The State of Survival: Surviving Z-Day – Part 2

Posted by on 2012/06/07

So: Recap up until this point – You should be familiarizing yourself with your preferred methods of self defense, preparing your bug-out bags, and considering escape routes from your city or potential hideouts.

Now, we’re going to talk about “moving on”, which is a nice way of saying, preparing for total mindfuck and the utter destruction of a lifestyle you have spent your entire life acclimating to. We’re also going to touch on the most important part of extended survival, which is goal setting.

Alright, so Moving on:

The world as you know it has been shattered. Civilization has broken down. Communications have been cut off. Cell phones are down, the internet is a memory, and televisions are broadcasting perpetual emergency warnings. The apocalypse is upon you and your city is filled with an increasing amount of psychopathic, relentless, cannibalistic monsters. We have to assume that basic services are on their way out, power, water, gas, etc…

Those who do survive the initial outbreak will be in a variety of states of mental stability, some of you will be able to adjust to the catastrophic paradigm shift, some will suffer complete psychological breakdowns, either you are able to manage the enormity of the shock or you will die.

During the first 48 hours, you have almost as much to fear from other survivors as you do zombies. Some will use the outbreak as an excuse to act with contempt for the memory of civilization, looting, rioting, indulging in aggressive behavior, or general recklessness. Some will put you in danger by their very vulnerability. Many survivors will seek to band together for safety and comfort, but large groups can be just as dangerous as being alone. Small, organized groups have the best chance of survival.

Regardless of how you react to the outbreak, you will have to ‘move on’ let go of attachments to the world before, loved ones and relatives will die, the sick and the elderly will die, children will die, friends will die. Your favorite coffee shop will be full of corpses and smeared with blood. Your workplace will be a horror movie. In fact, personal horror movies will be unfolding across the world, and everyone has the potential to be someones ill-fated best friend or love interest.

You must find a way to cope with the fact that your gym membership can’t be renewed, that your neighbor is never going to return your crock pot, that you won’t be able to order new contact lenses, that movie you were looking forward to seeing won’t be released. You have to move on.

You have to adjust to the fact your life consists of scavenging for canned food and bottled water, that you’re going to be sleep deprived and unshowered, that you may have to swing an aluminum baseball bat into the skull of the drummer from Gotye or somebody that you used to know.

Okay, so moving on from moving on… time to start looking forward.

Goal Setting: There is perhaps no more important survival skill to master than time management. In a survival situation, every unmolested moment at your disposal is precious. You may soon become injured, a six day storm could start in twenty minutes, you may need to spend the next two hours scrambling through the woods carrying a pig, who the fuck knows.

What you do with your ‘free’ time is going to be especially important when it’s gone.

Your first duty, for your own benefit, every day, will be planning.
While you are going through whatever morning ritual you have left, consider your most dire needs.
You are going to brainstorm a list of all wants and needs, making note of the most important ones.
Now prioritize your list: Conventional goal setting wisdom states that all needs and wants can be broken into four categories Immediate/Vital, Eventual/Vital, Immediate/Ideal, and Eventual/Ideal

Immediate/Vital includes – Secure drinking water, put out the fire on my clothing
Eventual/Vital includes things like – Find a supply of food, find a secure shelter
Immediate/Ideal includes things like – Find chocolate, get a better gun
Eventual/Ideal includes things like – Build a reinforced armored vehicle, get to the family farm in iowa.

You will naturally want to prioritize your Vital goals higher than your ideal goals, but if you do, you’ll never accomplish the most important goals – the eventual/ideal goals. Vital goals are important for maintaing, preserving your life, but Ideal goals are the key to improving quality of life. You should always set aside time to work on your ideal goals – not only will they help you in the long run, but they will keep you sane.

Once you have set your goals, and prioritized them, you will have a plan of action for the day, and each day will be a step forward in your personal progress. Instead of merely surviving, you will be on the path to thriving.


Before Z-Day.

The time you have now is precious. When you’re making your list of goals, make sure they include things like:
Learning how to purify water
Planning your escape route from your city (remember, existing infrastructure will be fucked)
Basic Self Defense
Build your survival kit and learn how to use everything inside
Search the surrounding area for good holdouts
Make a rendezvous point with any competent potential survivors you could live on the run with

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