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Scenario: Wilderness

Posted by on 2011/04/03

I’m using this first scenario, wilderness, as an example to clarify the function of all scenarios.

Type of scenario: limited

Description- a temperate forest, relatively untouched by civilization, at least 100 square miles, varied terrain and elevation. There are no man made structure or goods anywhere within the scenario. During the span of the scenario your objective is to make it to winter alive and then survive the winter before being rescued the following spring.

Scenario duration: 12 months

Threats: exposure, predators, starvation

Raw materials: abundant wood, mineral, fresh water, ore, varied animal and plant life


One year in the woods. Maybe it was a dare, camping trip gone wrong, running from the law until your name is cleared, a skydiving trip gone wrong, hiding from militants until the coup has ended, or a self imposed exile; this scenario is eminently survivable. Threats can easily be managed and prevented with some forethought and common sense.

In order to survive this scenario you are allowed to bring with you a SurviveWhatever kit, and you have 3 months to prepare yourself.

The SWKit: following the survival kit rules, all SWKs consist of a container, a Mylar emergency blanket, a first aid kit, and a sewing kit with a variety of needles and thread, and 5 unique objects intended to be the best five objects to serve you during a scenario.

How to prepare:

You won’t make it if you go in blind, a harsh winter means you need shelter, a food supply, and a stockpile of fuel for fire. A hostile wilderness will also contain a variety of dangerous animals to contend with, as well as the normal hazards of any scenario: contaminated water, scarcity of food, and isolation. You’re going to need to become a master steward; keeping your tools sharp and your equipment in good repair is vital. Also, you’ll have to become a bit ingenious, building shelter and making new tools is going to become just as important as hunting and gathering.

Stick around, more to come.

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  1. Munchies

    You should do a scenario for the desert.

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