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The State of Survival: Surviving Z-Day – Part 2

So: Recap up until this point – You should be familiarizing yourself with your preferred methods of self defense, preparing your bug-out bags, and considering escape routes from your city or potential hideouts. Now, we’re going to talk about “moving on”, which is a nice way of saying, preparing for total mindfuck and the utter … Continue reading »

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Survival 101: Conservation

No shit, right? We’re all somewhat familiar with stories of the Native Americans who treat the animals that they hunt with the utmost respect, using every part of the animal so that the sacrifice of the animal was not taken for granted. This was not a custom evolved from superstition into practice, but one evolved … Continue reading »

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The SWK : The Basic Survival Kit

The Survive Whatever Survival Kit is an exercise, not a practical device. The objective of the exercise is to evaluate gear for the purpose of pure survival. It’s also a game. Here’s how you play. Build a survival kit that obeys the following rules: 1. Can be carried or worn with ease, without great impediment, … Continue reading »

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The Rule of Survival

It started off as just a couple things I decided to keep in my trunk; things that, if away from home in the midst of a catastrophe, I might find critically useful. Over time, it became a game I’d play, a tedious, humorless game. Let’s start with the premise: Entropy. The Second Law of Thermodynamics … Continue reading »

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