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Survival Kit

Scrapyard Scavenging: Prioritizing Value in an Urban Wasteland

We’ve all played the game where people use bottlecaps as currency, seen the movie where they kill each other over a few quarts of gasoline, watched the TV show where a flattened out paperclip and a stick of gum prevented a disaster, and read the book where you know everyone is going to die but … Continue reading »

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Equipped to Survive: Toys

Now, for those of you who’ve been here a few times, you know that I’m all about crawling out of the stone age with nothing but ingenuity and a sharpened rock; but that doesn’t mean I don’t dig a fancy new tool once in a while.

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Urban SWK: The Basics

This Survive Whatever kit is comprised of 5 items you may find useful in a post-apocalyptic urban survival scenario. ┬áLike other SWK’s it’s not intended to be the definitive survival kit; just an exercise. The container we’ve chosen is: The BulletBlocker Explorer Backpack, a bit pricey, at around $300, but relatively inexpensive compared to body … Continue reading »

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The SWK : The Basic Survival Kit

The Survive Whatever Survival Kit is an exercise, not a practical device. The objective of the exercise is to evaluate gear for the purpose of pure survival. It’s also a game. Here’s how you play. Build a survival kit that obeys the following rules: 1. Can be carried or worn with ease, without great impediment, … Continue reading »

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