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Training Regimen

Training Regimen – Oh my god, why aren’t you doing this?

So, I’ve gotten a lot of emails/tweets from people complaining that they can’t be motivated to try out the training regiments on this blog. To you I say, “Oh”. We, almost all of us, are confident that the sun will rise tomorrow, the mail will arrive, the light switches will activate those globes of incandescence … Continue reading »

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Training Regimen: The Brawler

Alright, I’ve read your e-mails, and I promise I’m not ignoring them; I’m just neck deep in research right now trying to get the wilderness scenario out of the stone age. ¬†Anyway, you’ve made clear that you’re most interested in three things, Self Defense, Training Regiments, and urban/zombie survival.

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Training Regimen: The Freerunner

Designed to assist in urban survival scenarios; the freerunner is based on overcoming common obstacles to evade pursuers and claim high ground vantage or access points. ¬†In an urban survival scenario, both visibility and invisibility are the difference between life and death. The freerunner is based on exercises performed by traceurs and track athletes. These … Continue reading »

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Training Regimen: The Woodsman

This basic training routine will help prepare you for wilderness life, as well as almost many other survival scenario, so that your adjustment period is more of a gentle slope than a sudden climb. I wish I could take credit for the woodsman, but really it’s just a combination of time tested classic exercise techniques … Continue reading »

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