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Training Regimen – Oh my god, why aren’t you doing this?

So, I’ve gotten a lot of emails/tweets from people complaining that they can’t be motivated to try out the training regiments on this blog. To you I say, “Oh”. We, almost all of us, are confident that the sun will rise tomorrow, the mail will arrive, the light switches will activate those globes of incandescence … Continue reading »

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The State of Survival: Surviving Z-Day – Part 2

So: Recap up until this point – You should be familiarizing yourself with your preferred methods of self defense, preparing your bug-out bags, and considering escape routes from your city or potential hideouts. Now, we’re going to talk about “moving on”, which is a nice way of saying, preparing for total mindfuck and the utter … Continue reading »

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How To: Dress and Cook a Chicken (guest contribution)

Thanks to Wookielad for this gem, forgive the brevity: the following is taken directly from his instructions. [formatting mine] 1. Cut throat 2. Break neck 3. Dunk in hot water 4. Pluck 5. Remove feet 6. Cut out ass glands 7. Reach in and pull out guts 8. Apply seasoning 9. Impale on stick and … Continue reading »

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Stewardship: Z.a.t.A.o Knife Sharpening

Stewardship is an integral part of survival, which, as we’ve already discussed, has a great deal to do with conservation of resources. Stewardship: the conducting, supervising, or managing of something;especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

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Campsite Chemistry 01 – Salt, Soap, Litmus Test

Holy shit salt is important.  Without salt you will die. With salt you’ll never get old and you’ll never die. Just like those fuckers in cocoon. 

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How To : Make a Bow Drill – Firestarting

So you need to start a fire and all you’ve got is some wood, some rocks, and your shoelaces. Great, that’s all you need. A bow drill consists of 4 components: The Bow The Spindle The Fire Board The Hold You’ll need to gather some wood and a good sharp stone you can use as … Continue reading »

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How To: Make Leather/Buckskin

Some sections that we’ll need to internalize in order to help with this section; as each section is complete, If I remember, I’ll link it. Campsite Chemistry: Salt, Litmus, Soap | How To: Kill Shit  |   Toolmaking: Needles  |  How To : Skin a Deer  | How To: Build a Smoke Hut/Lodge You’re going … Continue reading »

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How To: Make Cement

Sorry about the slight delay between posts, I can’t promise it won’t happen again, but I’m back for the moment so let’s dive directly into a pool of concrete. Mortar has been around since the dawn of civilization, and the art of masonry is one of the first skilled trades.  Now, I’m no mason, and … Continue reading »

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How to: Make Glue

Throughout SurviveWhatever we’ll be doing things that require glue.  If glue can’t be scavenged in your scenario, you’re going to need to figure out how to make your own. Pitch Glue:  Requires Charcoal and Pine Trees. In the wild, Pine trees are a valuable resource.  You can make cordage out of the roots, you can … Continue reading »

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Campsite Crafting 05: The Bloomery

Alright, this was super ambitious; there are a number of simpler furnaces, ovens, and kilns we could be making before we reach this point; but I say fuck it, go for the gold.  Let’s skip ahead. We are going to attempt to build our own blast furnace for smelting ore.  This is important. Smelting metal … Continue reading »

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