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Survival Day

The State of Survival: Surviving Z-Day – Part 2

So: Recap up until this point – You should be familiarizing yourself with your preferred methods of self defense, preparing your bug-out bags, and considering escape routes from your city or potential hideouts. Now, we’re going to talk about “moving on”, which is a nice way of saying, preparing for total mindfuck and the utter … Continue reading »

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The State of Survival: Surviving Z-Day – Part 1

During the Zombie Outbreak all the idiots are dead in 48 hours or less. Your primary goal is not being an idiot. The first and best tool for survival in the event of an outbreak is the time you have right now, while you’re still a sane, rational, non-cannibalistic, warm blooded, uninfected human. Every minute … Continue reading »

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Wilderness Day 1: Finding Water while Staying Warm and Dry

Alright, so it’s day one in the wild, and it might be warm now, but tonight, it’s going to get fucking frigid, and we need to stay alive until the sun can thaw us out in the morning. ¬†Here’s the walkthrough, as if we were stuck in some insanely boring video game.¬†

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