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Campsite Crafting

How To: Make bellows with primitive tools

This is meant to be an addendum to Campsite Crafting 05: The Bloomery I’m going to need some help with this.  I found an out of print book called “The Navajo and Pueblo Silversmiths” which describes the ‘primitive’ bellows.

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Campsite Chemistry 01 – Salt, Soap, Litmus Test

Holy shit salt is important.  Without salt you will die. With salt you’ll never get old and you’ll never die. Just like those fuckers in cocoon. 

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Wilderness Day 1: Finding Water while Staying Warm and Dry

Alright, so it’s day one in the wild, and it might be warm now, but tonight, it’s going to get fucking frigid, and we need to stay alive until the sun can thaw us out in the morning.  Here’s the walkthrough, as if we were stuck in some insanely boring video game. 

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How To : Make a Bow Drill – Firestarting

So you need to start a fire and all you’ve got is some wood, some rocks, and your shoelaces. Great, that’s all you need. A bow drill consists of 4 components: The Bow The Spindle The Fire Board The Hold You’ll need to gather some wood and a good sharp stone you can use as … Continue reading »

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How To: Make Leather/Buckskin

Some sections that we’ll need to internalize in order to help with this section; as each section is complete, If I remember, I’ll link it. Campsite Chemistry: Salt, Litmus, Soap | How To: Kill Shit  |   Toolmaking: Needles  |  How To : Skin a Deer  | How To: Build a Smoke Hut/Lodge You’re going … Continue reading »

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Campsite Crafting 05: The Bloomery

Alright, this was super ambitious; there are a number of simpler furnaces, ovens, and kilns we could be making before we reach this point; but I say fuck it, go for the gold.  Let’s skip ahead. We are going to attempt to build our own blast furnace for smelting ore.  This is important. Smelting metal … Continue reading »

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