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The Beast; AKA Complacency

Humanity is resilient, as proven by our long tenure on this planet, our dynamic immune system, our adaptable constitution, our radically diverse living conditions and coping mechanisms, and our ingenuity when it comes to countering the hardships of our environments. That’s fuckin cool, but…

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Attention Preppers – I need your stories

A friend of mine reached out to me and asked for some help getting a television show green-lit.  Essentially the most elite survivalist teachers in the world will be taking on, case by case, the problems of individual preppers of all skill levels, and helping to perfect preparedness. Right now what we need is 2-4 … Continue reading »

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It’s a dark night.

There’s a subtle change that will take place at the beginning of the end: It’ll stop being anything but. A lot of us like to imagine a scenario in which a better version of ourself will come into being, brilliant and perfect. The pressure of inevitability will condense our character into diamond, and the imperfections will … Continue reading »

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Alright, so I’ve been traveling for a bit, and doing life things that don’t involve keeping up with my blog posting responsibilities, but since I don’t really have much of a readership, I’m not going to get down on myself about, nor am I going to try to make up for it with an epic … Continue reading »

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Training Regimen: The Brawler

Alright, I’ve read your e-mails, and I promise I’m not ignoring them; I’m just neck deep in research right now trying to get the wilderness scenario out of the stone age.  Anyway, you’ve made clear that you’re most interested in three things, Self Defense, Training Regiments, and urban/zombie survival.

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Scrapyard Scavenging 02: Improvised Incendiaries and Smoke Screens

I may or may not move this further down the line and replace with something less practical… Subjects to cover: Fuse – We’re probably going to need a lot. Molotov Cocktail – The ultimate party beverage, we’ll learn how to make one the right way Thermite – Goes through wood faster than termite, the perfect … Continue reading »

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