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How To: Dress and Cook a Chicken (guest contribution)

Thanks to Wookielad for this gem, forgive the brevity: the following is taken directly from his instructions. [formatting mine] 1. Cut throat 2. Break neck 3. Dunk in hot water 4. Pluck 5. Remove feet 6. Cut out ass glands 7. Reach in and pull out guts 8. Apply seasoning 9. Impale on stick and … Continue reading »

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Stewardship: Z.a.t.A.o Knife Sharpening

Stewardship is an integral part of survival, which, as we’ve already discussed, has a great deal to do with conservation of resources. Stewardship: the conducting, supervising, or managing of something;especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

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Equipped to Survive: Toys

Now, for those of you who’ve been here a few times, you know that I’m all about crawling out of the stone age with nothing but ingenuity and a sharpened rock; but that doesn’t mean I don’t dig a fancy new tool once in a while.

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Training Regimen: The Brawler

Alright, I’ve read your e-mails, and I promise I’m not ignoring them; I’m just neck deep in research right now trying to get the wilderness scenario out of the stone age.  Anyway, you’ve made clear that you’re most interested in three things, Self Defense, Training Regiments, and urban/zombie survival.

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How To: Make bellows with primitive tools

This is meant to be an addendum to Campsite Crafting 05: The Bloomery I’m going to need some help with this.  I found an out of print book called “The Navajo and Pueblo Silversmiths” which describes the ‘primitive’ bellows.

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Survival 101: GUN FU! Just when shit was getting dull around here.

How can we not talk about guns, they’re so cool, so useful, so much fun to play with, and not at all dangerous!  Guns come in handy when your home town has been taken over by evil communist soldiers that are holding your father hostage, and you and your high school pals manage to flee … Continue reading »

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Survival 101: Preparation Vs. Obsession

If you’re pecking through survival blogs on the internet, then you’re already thinking about, as they say in the prepper-culture, when the Shit hits the Fan, or SHTF.  The day where civilization will spontaneously collapse, the goverment will be replaced by an oppressive corporate oliganarchy dictatunism, and zombies, werewolves, and sasquatches will take to the … Continue reading »

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Survival 101: Chemistry – the Kung Fu of Survival – Lesson 1

But it’s so hard, and so boring… I promise we’ll get back to the fun stuff soon, like how to melt iron with your mind and capture rabbits in monofilament snares, how to build a lightsaber in the wild, etc… 

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Campsite Chemistry 01 – Salt, Soap, Litmus Test

Holy shit salt is important.  Without salt you will die. With salt you’ll never get old and you’ll never die. Just like those fuckers in cocoon. 

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Wilderness Day 1: Finding Water while Staying Warm and Dry

Alright, so it’s day one in the wild, and it might be warm now, but tonight, it’s going to get fucking frigid, and we need to stay alive until the sun can thaw us out in the morning.  Here’s the walkthrough, as if we were stuck in some insanely boring video game. 

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