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The Beast; AKA Complacency

Humanity is resilient, as proven by our long tenure on this planet, our dynamic immune system, our adaptable constitution, our radically diverse living conditions and coping mechanisms, and our ingenuity when it comes to countering the hardships of our environments. That’s fuckin cool, but…

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Z.A.T.A.O. : Observation

The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. -George Bernard Shaw A skill is a tool you always have ready. -Mr. Combs, my 8th grade shop teacher I’m going to again refrain from treating you like you’re a moron and I’m an asshole, and we’re going to … Continue reading »

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Attention Preppers – I need your stories

A friend of mine reached out to me and asked for some help getting a television show green-lit.  Essentially the most elite survivalist teachers in the world will be taking on, case by case, the problems of individual preppers of all skill levels, and helping to perfect preparedness. Right now what we need is 2-4 … Continue reading »

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It’s a dark night.

There’s a subtle change that will take place at the beginning of the end: It’ll stop being anything but. A lot of us like to imagine a scenario in which a better version of ourself will come into being, brilliant and perfect. The pressure of inevitability will condense our character into diamond, and the imperfections will … Continue reading »

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Dealing with the storm.

“The National Weather Service’s forecast center in College Park, Md., which watches winter storms, put out a long-range notice Thursday saying a nor’easter was possible for mid-Atlantic and New England states by Election Day through next Thursday. Forecaster Bruce Sullivan said it wouldn’t be as bad as Superstorm Sandy and isn’t tropical. But it could … Continue reading »

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Alright, so I’ve been traveling for a bit, and doing life things that don’t involve keeping up with my blog posting responsibilities, but since I don’t really have much of a readership, I’m not going to get down on myself about, nor am I going to try to make up for it with an epic … Continue reading »

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Training Regimen – Oh my god, why aren’t you doing this?

So, I’ve gotten a lot of emails/tweets from people complaining that they can’t be motivated to try out the training regiments on this blog. To you I say, “Oh”. We, almost all of us, are confident that the sun will rise tomorrow, the mail will arrive, the light switches will activate those globes of incandescence … Continue reading »

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The State of Survival: Surviving Z-Day – Part 2

So: Recap up until this point – You should be familiarizing yourself with your preferred methods of self defense, preparing your bug-out bags, and considering escape routes from your city or potential hideouts. Now, we’re going to talk about “moving on”, which is a nice way of saying, preparing for total mindfuck and the utter … Continue reading »

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The State of Survival: Surviving Z-Day – Part 1

During the Zombie Outbreak all the idiots are dead in 48 hours or less. Your primary goal is not being an idiot. The first and best tool for survival in the event of an outbreak is the time you have right now, while you’re still a sane, rational, non-cannibalistic, warm blooded, uninfected human. Every minute … Continue reading »

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Scrapyard Scavenging: Prioritizing Value in an Urban Wasteland

We’ve all played the game where people use bottlecaps as currency, seen the movie where they kill each other over a few quarts of gasoline, watched the TV show where a flattened out paperclip and a stick of gum prevented a disaster, and read the book where you know everyone is going to die but … Continue reading »

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