Okay, So AFTERMATH is happening! Here’s the info direct from the source.

Now Casting: Fantasy Apocalypse Boot Camp.

You may remember last month I posted a casting call for couples and families looking to receive disaster preparedness training, yeah, so looks like it’s happening, and now we need to talk about it. Please share this too. Here’s the spiel:

“Aftermath” is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a few select candidates to receive the highest level of elite training from experts in the fields of survival, disaster preparedness, self defense, and leadership. This educational documentary series is currently looking for families, social groups, couples, and organizations to attend a 3 day fantasy apocalypse boot camp to master the skills to help them deal with the scenario of their choice.

Whether you’re looking to prepare your family for the next big hurricane, or ready your bowling team for a zombie attack, if you can present your case, you and your group will be flown to our elite training facility where you will receive the training you desperately need to survive and thrive in the aftermath. Get Ready.

The deadline on this is really tight, so I need you to reach out to me immediately to start the process. I’ll have an application for you to fill out and then we’ll have to do a short skype interview. Contact me immediately at castingninja@gmail.com with your questions. If this isn’t for you, I’d appreciate it if you shared it on your timeline, because you probably know someone who really does want this training. So once again, Please Share, Email immediately, Survive the Apocalypse, thanks.


LINK IS UP, http://www.doronofircasting.com/webform/aftermath   – Fill out the app here to save time.

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Attention Preppers – I need your stories

A friend of mine reached out to me and asked for some help getting a television show green-lit.  Essentially the most elite survivalist teachers in the world will be taking on, case by case, the problems of individual preppers of all skill levels, and helping to perfect preparedness.

Right now what we need is 2-4 couples/families willing to participate in the pre-production process, to share their stories and receive training in different areas of survival.

For now, just reach out to me at Survivewhatever@gmail.com



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It’s a dark night.

There’s a subtle change that will take place at the beginning of the end: It’ll stop being anything but.

A lot of us like to imagine a scenario in which a better version of ourself will come into being, brilliant and perfect. The pressure of inevitability will condense our character into diamond, and the imperfections will be chiseled away. The erosion of our spirit has some how not diminished us, but merely sculpted us. The cracks and fractures of stress will be smoothed over by uncomplicated hardship. I’ll be honest, it’s unlikely.

We are the person we wake up as every morning, whether it was yesterday or tomorrow.  The things you do will be different, but it will still be the same you waking up; only another few hours older.  You will have seen no fewer television programs than you did yesterday, though you may not have seen one in a while.  You will still have the same exes, the same  memories, the same scars, maybe more.

Now is the time to heal, the time to improve, the time to stockpile happiness, the time to take good risks, because it’s a dark night ahead, and if it never falls, you’re only better off with each passing day. Right now you have the luxury to choose who you’re becoming, the entire world is full of your potential future. That will not always be an option. Be the person you want to be now, so that if the time comes that you have to be that person, you already are.

What good is having all the time in the world if you’re not going to use it?


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Another fucking storm, on the heels of Sandy

“The National Weather Service’s forecast center in College Park, Md., which watches winter storms, put out a long-range notice Thursday saying a nor’easter was possible for mid-Atlantic and New England states by Election Day through next Thursday.

Forecaster Bruce Sullivan said it wouldn’t be as bad as Superstorm Sandy and isn’t tropical. But it could include snow in interior New England and New York, beach erosion and high winds for areas hit by Sandy and moderate or heavier rainfall. Winds could be about 30 to 40 mph.”  - Washington Post

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UFO attack or Secret Government Experiment?

Okay, survivors. Check this shit out and tell me what you think?

Link to the full article at INEXPLICATA.

Seriously, WTF?



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Alright, so I’ve been traveling for a bit, and doing life things that don’t involve keeping up with my blog posting responsibilities, but since I don’t really have much of a readership, I’m not going to get down on myself about, nor am I going to try to make up for it with an epic post about survival kung fu (because it’s really long and I’m not done with it yet) but I will say this:

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Training Regimen – Oh my god, why aren’t you doing this?

So, I’ve gotten a lot of emails/tweets from people complaining that they can’t be motivated to try out the training regiments on this blog. To you I say, “Oh”.

We, almost all of us, are confident that the sun will rise tomorrow, the mail will arrive, the light switches will activate those globes of incandescence above our heads, the tap will spit out relatively contaminant free water, and the barista at the local coffee shop will provide us with a hot cup of caffeine. Every day up until this point, we’ve been able to rely on the mechanisms of society clicking along with minimal interruption.

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The State of Survival: Surviving Z-Day – Part 2

So: Recap up until this point – You should be familiarizing yourself with your preferred methods of self defense, preparing your bug-out bags, and considering escape routes from your city or potential hideouts.

Now, we’re going to talk about “moving on”, which is a nice way of saying, preparing for total mindfuck and the utter destruction of a lifestyle you have spent your entire life acclimating to. We’re also going to touch on the most important part of extended survival, which is goal setting.

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The State of Survival: Surviving Z-Day – Part 1

During the Zombie Outbreak all the idiots are dead in 48 hours or less.
Your primary goal is not being an idiot.

The first and best tool for survival in the event of an outbreak is the time you have right now, while you’re still a sane, rational, non-cannibalistic, warm blooded, uninfected human. Every minute from now until the outbreak reaches your town, city, village, farm, arcology, or submarine, is the most precious resource you have – and the truth is, you don’t need to spend all of it preparing for the apocalypse, just a fraction, really – there are 5 key elements to outbreak survival.

1. Know your enemy
2. Equip Yourself
3. Stay or GO
4. Moving on
5. Goal Setting
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Scrapyard Scavenging: Prioritizing Value in an Urban Wasteland

We’ve all played the game where people use bottlecaps as currency, seen the movie where they kill each other over a few quarts of gasoline, watched the TV show where a flattened out paperclip and a stick of gum prevented a disaster, and read the book where you know everyone is going to die but they keep walking south anyway.

If you’re wandering the cracked earth wasteland, while the remains of a collapsed civilization collect dust at the edges of the horizon, breathing in toxic dust and humping all your worldly shit; you’d probably rather not be a hoarder. If you’re dodging through the shattered asphalt nightmare that used to be Atlanta or Chicago, or wherever, hiding from the mutant cannibals, or the werewolf ninjas, you can’t be clanging and jangling with keys, chains, riot gear, and a full toolbox.

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